Directly from aerospace technology and unprecedented application in this sector



Santa Monica Bay (2 years ago)

One morning, as I left the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and as I watched the sun rise from Santa Monica Bay, I saw kiters who had began jumping freely in the air, and that's when it hit me: why not make these “board artists” more and more lighter and make them fly higher and higher? Thus, counting on my experience in the aerospace industry as regards ultralight composite material, a few close friends and a leader company in the nanoceramic industry, I created a series of products of whose legendry future I am sure.

Mixing composite materials with aerospace alloys ennobled by depositing HNCF™ ceramic nanoparticles confer strength and hardness such to be able to resist the stress to which supersonic jets are subjected guaranteeing unprecedented lightness and thinness. The absence of foams, the absence of wood or plastic materials allow these materials to create a light “reverse magnetic field” generated upon passing over water thus guaranteeing a cushion effect (micro-lift) on the same.  


Over the last two years, a team of professionals and friends has been subjecting the prototypes to stress in the most hidden corners of the globe with the aim of revealing all imperfections, finding innovative solutions and discovering the best approach for our tables. Finally, we are ready with a set of groundbreaking boards, handmade and customisable to meet any demands including flexibility and graphic design thereon.

Stress boarding

This is the first step towards a great adventure that started off from the cold aerospace laboratories leading to the most enchanting beaches of the world. Our know-how blends with your passion creating XIX. Always looking for new solutions, never sitting on our laurels, constantly challenging ourselves to deliver you unique boards and memorable times. We are here to stay!!!

A neverending story

I recruited a group of friends with vast experience in the world of kites and snowboards and I forced them to “press” my boards to the maximum up to obtaining an optimal result and meeting the highest standards. I thus obtained customisable flexibility classes, adaptable to any kiters regardless of the weight or skills. The blend of our material meets any needs in terms of flexibility or rigidity even meeting the demands of the purists or perfectionists of this sport.


We also boast of a group of passionate graphic designers and artists, who listen and carefully translate the fashion trends of this varied world to the detail; technology is nothing without incredible artists deeply rooted in the world of skateboard, surfing and snowboard from across the globe.

We have deeply focused on water; our tireless graphic research and search for colours to obtain optimal traceability in water; the application of customised QR Codes upon the customer's request for the identification and historical records of the board and its owner, or uploading the best memories with your boards.

Graphics & QR Code

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